VMware Operations Guide

The VMware Operations Guide and the underpinning GitHub repository result from countless hours spent by VMware staff to test, collate, and write about the many facets of IT Operations. It is given freely to the community both for consumption and contribution. It is a unique attempt to take deep tribal knowledge from inside VMware and turn it into a detailed library for new and existing customers to reference and build on.

Our vision is that this project continues to grow as the central all-knowing library for everything vRealize Operations and delving further into IT Operations in a multi-cloud world. The decision to allow open access was a clear one for us. Many VMware customers utilize VMware vRealize Operations at a massive, unthinkable scale in very creative ways. But we also have customers using it on much smaller scales. We are eager to invite all customers to contribute to this repository and provide great insight to all administrators for environments of all sizes.

We want this site to take readers from “zero” to “hero” and anywhere in their operations management endeavors.


If you would like to contribute to this site (we welcome it!), please go to our Github Repository and review the repository wiki. We have a considerable amount of information written for new Git users and include guidance on structure and naming conventions.

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