vSphere Metrics

This is a new project! We’d love contributors.

vSphere Metrics is an open-source book. At >300 pages, it’s the most complete documentation that I know of on the topic. To keep the book size manageable, I have excluded some metrics. To see the full list, see VMware Operations Transformation, 4th Edition.

While version 2.0 delivers many updates, the book is far from completing its mission. You will notice that vSphere objects such as Cluster, Datastore, and Distributed Switches are not yet documented. This book is a call for collaboration to the VCDX, VCIX and all VMware professsionals.

Check out the step by step instruction on how to contribute.

The book covers 3 types of metrics:

  1. Virtual Machine and Guest Operating Systems.
  2. ESXi.
  3. esxtop.

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