3. Post-Implementation Review

When we measured system performance three months after implementation, the alerts to actionable alert ratio for infrastructure monitoring had improved by 20% whereas proactive monitoring had helped us reduce incidents by 10%.

In addition to eliminating the cost for a third-party monitoring tool, vRealize Operations delivers:

  • Monitoring tool isolates issues quickly
  • Application owners self-check their application health
  • Application owners can create their own application specific dashboards
  • Operations team works on the system proactively
  • Infrastructure team uses monitoring data to plan for capacity use
  • Application management packs provide a deeper level of application-specific metrics.
  • Ease of plugging in objects for auto-discovery by using various adaptors and API suites to automate operational work

Overall, we’re providing an improved monitoring solution to our service owners. It is customized to meet their specific application requirements, including when to generate system alerts and notifications.

Our new monitoring posture enables us to accommodate future growth requirements and prepares us to embrace migration from on-prem to cloud monitoring solutions such as vRealize Operations Cloud.

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