10. Dashboard Getting Started

The Getting Started breaks tasks into three broad categories:

  • Management
  • Flows
  • Collections

Use the Getting Started Dashboard to understand the relationship between these categories.

The Management category includes the seven pillars of operations, explained earlier.

The Flows category covers the Process part. It covers the Troubleshooting flow and Optimization flow.

  • Use the Troubleshooting flow to resolve any potential issues related to availability, contention, utilization, and configuration. Troubleshooting is more than simply identifying the problem. It focuses on the reason behind the problem and also formulates a solution to prevent reoccurrence. An incident means that something is either dead, slow, or has been breached. You can troubleshoot availability, performance, and capacity.
  • Use the Optimization flow to enhance the performance and lower the cost of your operations. You can choose to correct a problem area, update, simplify, or improve your VMs and infrastructure. You can optimize performance, capacity, cost, and configuration. You even improve the availability of your system to an extent but, you cannot enhance compliance or inventory.

The Collection category comprises of Public Cloud and the Library sections.

  • The AWS and Azure dashboards are displayed under the Public Cloud dashboards. You can choose to view the overall performance of these services or view specific dashboards related to the services.
  • The Library contains dashboards related to the Network Operating Center and the Executive.

Using each of these categories you can drill down to the specific use cases and problems you are trying to solve. Each problem statement is associated with a predefined dashboard that you can access through this page. To view a dashboard, click the dashboard type and then select a dashboard on the Getting Started dashboard or click the dashboard name listed on the right side of the Getting Started dashboard.

Deprecated dashboards are no longer in Getting Started since vRealize Operations 8.2. They are placed under the dashboard drop down menu, under Library. Avoid using them as they will be removed in the future.

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