1. Overview

Due to the increasing footprint of technology and related complexities it is becoming more challenging for organizations to ensure security in their environment. A predefined policy from the regulations and accrediting organizations helps in reducing the complexity and removes unnecessary duplication of effort and activity from resources. A few examples of such policies are PCI-DSS in the financial industry and HIPAA in healthcare.

The end customers are also demanding that businesses comply to industry-wide security standards while providing their service. For these reasons, instead of defining their own proprietary policies, businesses are either directly adopting these set standards or taking these as base policy and further customizing it to suit their need.

While these guiding policies ensures the initial configuration is compliant to the security requirements, how do we ensure the environment is continuously compliant to the defined standards? This is where vRealize Operations helps. Use it to monitor the continuous compliance of the environment. The rest of the chapter will describe how we can achieve this.

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