7. Availability

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We covered in Part 1 Chapter 1 that Availability can impact Performance and Capacity, but need to be measured separately.

Horizon consists of different components, each having their own availability metrics.

ObjectAvailability Metric
RDS FarmNumber of RDS Hosts in Bad State
Aim for this number to be 0 at all times.
VDI PoolNumber of VMs in the pool that is not used yet not available. The metric Desktop in Bad State can be unavailable because they are in one of these states:
  • Provisioning | Customizing | Starting Up | Deleting | Waiting for Agent
  • Maintenance mode | In Progress
  • Agent disabled | Agent unreachable | Agent needs reboot
  • Invalid IP | Protocol failure | Domain failure
  • Configuration error | Provisioning error | Error Unknown
For the description, see this.
Connection Server
PodNumber of Connection Servers that are not available. The formula depends on the design. If it is N+1, then the availability will be affected when there is >1 unavailable server.

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