Chapter 8

True Visibility Suite Dashboards

Before we get into True Visibility Suite (TVS), let’s talk generally about vRealize Operations management packs. They can be broken up into three groups:

  • Native - there are >20 management packs currently out of the box with vRealize Operations. They are provided by VMware and are shipped together with the products.
  • TVS - there are >50 management packs in the TVS. They are provided by VMware but focused on non-VMware products.
  • Others - there are dozens of these, some provided by VMware, some not. They are all available on the VMware Marketplace.

The TVS management packs come with dashboards, anywhere from a few to a dozen depending on the maturity of the management pack. These dashboards are designed to highlight the target technology as well as relate it back to the relevent vSphere technology, providing the user with end-to-end visibility in their environment.

We’ll explore vRTVS dashboards via three of the most popular management packs:

  • Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Management Pack for Cisco UCS
  • Management Pack for NetApp FAS & AFF

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